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Future Events

FALL 2020

Summer Program 2020

ZOOM online sessions



Fee: Tuition is FREE

Grade Levels

Students entering 5th, 6th, or 7th grade

* Enrollment limited to 15 students

* You're enrolled when the completed registration form is received

Materials Needed: 

Writing tools, paper, colored pencils or crayons, water (no sugar or colored drinks), snacks, and lunch


Join our Summer Program of Mathematics and English Language Arts!


Get prepared for the upcoming school year!


Winter Math Academy

Dates: TBA

Cost: TBA

GRADE LEVEL: Students from 4th to 6th grade

Sundar STEAM Academy’s “Winter Math Academy” offers students a collaborative, interactive and engaging exploration of Multiplication, Division, and Fractions using manipulatives aimed at solidifying Pre-Algebra skills.

Students are expected to:

* Hone their Pre-Algebra skills (Multiplication, Division, and Fractions)

* Develop a "can do" attitude to Math as they explore and experiment with Mathematical concepts. The guided discovery using the appropriate tools will unwrap the concepts and lead to understanding. The goal is for each participant to walk away thinking:

"It may be hard, but I can do it!"

2020 Winter Math Academy's

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)