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Frequently Asked Questions




Q: What Camps are offered by Sundar S.T.E.A.M. Academy in Summer 2021?

A: We are offering two Camps to get middle school children geared up for their grade level in the Fall.

  • A Geometry Camp and an Algebra Camp

Q: How long is each Camp?

A: Each Camp is two weeks long—your child may register for one or two weeks.

Q: Where are the Camps held?

A: All Camps are virtual, so your child is participating from home.

All the registered participants will receive the Zoom Link, which will change weekly.

Q: When do the Camps meet?

A: Both Camps are from July 19 - July 31, 2021, Mondays - Fridays.

  • Geometry Camp, from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM PST
  • Algebra Camp, from 11:00AM to 12:30 PM PST

Q: Who may attend these Camps?

A: All Camps are open to all students entering 6th, 7th, or 8th grade in FALL 2021.

Q: Who directs these Camps?

A: All Camps are conceived and directed by Professor Viji Sundar, the Director of Dr Sundar Math Center, Inc.

Q: Who are the instructors in these Camps?

A: Geometry Camp, nicknamed "Camp Ray," is a S.T.E.A.M. Camp like no other. The two instructors of the two-week Camps are Mr. Luis Mendoza, who earned a Mechanical Engineering Degree from UC Merced--STEAM enthusiast, and Ms. Paulina Brambila, a Senior in Chemistry at UC Merced, who will be pursuing a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering.

Q: How will I ensure my child is registered?


  1. First, choose the Camp(s) your child wants to attend using the chart provided.
  2. Then, submit a completed Registration Form for each child for each Camp.
  3. Pay the Registration Fee for each week for each Camp separately. You will receive confirmation within hours of receiving the Registration Form.
  4. Lastly, the appropriate Supplies Box will be mailed to you the same day to the address you provide in the Registration Form.

Q:  What should my child bring to Camp each day?

A: The Supplies Box will include the list of supplies needed for each day of the selected Camp. The instructors expect each participant to bring the tools listed for each day. This will ensure optimal learning for the day.

Q: How will these S.T.E.A.M. Camps benefit my child?

A: In the Geometry Camp, Camp Ray, participants will build their own models of Bridges, Kites, Pixel Art, Wind Power, and more! It is all about Hands-On Geometry, exploration of angles, shapes, and measurement. This provides context and connection to what they will be learning in the classroom and will prepare them for their Geometry lessons. 

In the Algebra Camp, the instructors will review: Equations, Inequalities, Number Sense, and Fractions. With 12 students and 3 instructors, participants will receive personalized instruction with each instructor working with one of the grade levels: 6th, 7th, or 8th. The participants will enter their grade level with Confidence and a CAN DO Mindset!

2020 FALL

"HiMAP - Virtual Homework Help"

“Inch by inch math is a cinch, yard by yard it is very hard”

Q: What is HiMAP - Virtual Homework Help?

A: HiMAP - Virtual Homework Help is an academic program designed to help your child with Math homework and in-class assignments.

Q: How is the HiMAP - Virtual Homework Help structured?

A: The instruction is on Zoom in small groups with 1-3 students per instructor.

Q: How will the HiMAP - Virtual Homework Help help my child?

A: The format of HiMAP - Virtual Homework Help in small groups will identify the learning style of each student and provide support with Math homework and further understanding of Math concepts.

Q: Who may attend the HiMAP - Virtual Homework Help?

A: Students in grades 6 – 12 who need help in Math homework and in-class assignment.

Q: What should I bring to the HiMAP - Virtual Homework Help?

A: Please bring your homework, a list of questions, textbook, class notes, writing tools, and a whiteboard with dry-erase pens (black/blue). 

You may also want to bring water (no colored drinks) and snacks.

Q: Who directs the HiMAP - Virtual Homework Help?

A: The HiMAP - Virtual Homework Help is directed by Dr. Viji K. Sundar, Professor of Mathematics and Director of Dr. Sundar Math Center, Inc.

Q: May I leave early if I finish my homework and have no questions?

A: If you finish your homework early, you may leave early if you inform the coach in advance.

Q: What if I cannot attend all the sessions?

A: Attendance is optional. The more classes you attend, the more you will improve.

Q: Is there a deadline for the registration?

A: No. Early registration is encouraged, so you may get the full benefit from the program.

Q: Where does the HiMAP - Virtual Homework Help meet?

A: HiMAP, being a distance learning program, will use the Zoom platform.

All the registered participants will receive the Zoom link on Fridays.

Remember to check your email for the Zoom link. The link changes weekly.

2020 Spring

"Remote Homework Help"

Q: What is remote learning?

A: Remote learning occurs when the learner and instructor are separated by time and distance and therefore cannot meet in a traditional classroom setting. Resources such as Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and other video chat software are used to have virtual one-on-one/virtual face-to-face learning.

Q: What are the benefits of remote learning?

A: There are several benefits to remote learning: (1) it is flexible: we are able to meet the demands of parents' work schedule and home life; (2) there is more control over learning: resources are provided online, free to engage with, digest, and analyze content in ways that work best for students; (3) saves time and money: there is no need to commute or spend money on travel or invest in childcare.

Q: What sets your remote learning program apart from others?

A: Our remote Homework Help sessions provide students with weekly flexible individualized tutoring sessions that are structured around your child's needs and availability. We ensure that our tutors foster a safe and welcoming virtual environment to optimize your child's learning. 

Q: What software is currently being used?

A: We are currently using ZOOM for our remote Homework Help sessions. It is a free software and very user-friendly.

Q: Who are the tutors?

A: Our tutors are highly qualified in the content they are tutoring. Our volunteers are current/post-college students, specialized in their subject matter and content excelling high school students. 

Q: What does my child need to have?

A: We ask that your child shares their homework with their assigned tutor in advance to ensure that they receive optimal tutoring. Students should bring questions and any challenging problems they may have to further understanding.

2020 Winter:

"Winter Math Academy"

Q: What grade level?

A: Our program is for 4th to 6th-graders.

Q: What benefits will my child receive?

A: Your child will develop their Pre-Algebra skills through an interactive and engaging mode of instruction using manipulatives (or math tools) for an experimental and active approach to learning.

Q: What is meant by using manipulatives?

A: Manipulatives (or math tools) allow students to experiment with math problems through a hands-on and visual approach to learning. This allows students to learn and understand by doing or experimenting. 

* For example, Fraction Bars are math tools that develop students understanding of Fractions.

Q: Will there be one-on-one instruction?

A: There will not be one-on-one instruction, but there will be additional instructors and resources at hand for any student who needs further assistance.

Q: Who are the instructors?

A: The lead instructor is Executive Director Dr. Viji K. Sundar and several qualified instructors who will provide optimal instruction and support.

Q: How will I ensure my child is registered?

A: By submitting a completed registration form and payment, your child will be a registered student in our program.

Q: If tuition is free, what is the $100 fee?

A: Our program is valued at $300 per person for the price of $100 at no tuition cost. The fee includes the supplies and manipulatives expenses. The manipulatives (math tools) will be taken home for additional practice to further solidify their Pre-Algebra skills.

2019 FALL - 2020 SPRING:

"SAT Prep Workshops"

Q: I am an 8th grader and will be in 9th grade in the Fall. Should I be attending this now?

A: Yes. It is never too early to start this preparation. This is like taking a math class, except you learn by doing problems. You will learn the concepts as you try to solve the problems, OR this is like taking an English class, except you learn by additional practice with a qualified teacher in a smaller populated classroom. You will further develop reading comprehension, grammar, and test-taking competence.

Q: I have not had a Geometry class yet, how can I expect to get much from the SAT Math Prep workshop?

A: You have been exposed to a lot of Geometry and Measurement by now. This type of Q & A practice will trigger you to thin and search for answers using the resources you have. In that process (as you make errors) your brainpower will fire to make you a good problem solver.

Q: How can I expect to get much from an SAT English Prep workshop?

A: You have been exposed to a lot of reading comprehension and writing assignments by now. This type of Q & A practice will trigger you to think and search for answers using the resources you have. In that process (as you make errors) your brainpower will fire to make you a good problem solver by deducing the right and wrong answers.

Q: Should I sign up to take the SAT in November?

A: Absolutely. Preparing for a test like the SAT requires more than knowing the material. It requires confidence in your ability to do well on this test. It also requires being familiar with the test and getting the experience of knowing exactly what to expect.

Q: Is it possible to develop the confidence to score well on a stress-inducing test like the SAT?

A: Yes! Confidence is the outcome or byproduct of competence; competence in mastering the content. These SAT Prep workshops will increase your competence in tackling the content with strategies and practice. You shall with regular attendance, highly qualified teachers, and mastering the form and format of the test.

Q: Why do I need to purchase the SAT Study Guide?

A: The SAT Study Guide will be used during each workshop session. There are 8 SAT practice tests in the study guide that we will use to gain practice on the format and content of the SAT. Each session will begin with the practice of one of the featured test and then followed by an intensive review and analysis of the correct answers.

Q: Are there alternative payment options and special deals for attending multiple sessions?

A: Yes! Save up to $100 when you purchase a package deal featuring all the available sessions. Maximize your learning and study skills by attending all of our sessions!

SAT Prep Workshop Testimonies

“Today’s class was very productive. I liked how many math strategies we learned to solve problems faster and more efficiently.”

“…doing more tests was helpful because it allowed all of the student at SAT prep to become accustomed to how the real SAT test will be."

“Knowing what problems are “Freebies” are useful.”

“I liked that there were practice tests that were of the actual test and that there were review quizzes of the material”.

Homework Hub

Q: What can I expect for my child from these sessions?

A: Your child will have a substantial amount of time to complete their homework before departing. The sessions are held in a closed reserved classroom where they will be undisturbed as they diligently work. There will be two qualified teachers facilitating the sessions that are skilled in mathematics and/or English language arts.

Q: What subjects/content can my child receive help with?

A: As previously mentioned, there will be two qualified teachers with competence in a variety of disciplines in mathematics (e.g., elementary math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry…etc) and/or English language arts (e.g., reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and forms of writing (analysis, summaries, reader responses, various essay genres, MLA/APA citation, creative writing…etc)).

Q: Can my child attend even when they don’t have homework?

A: We encourage students to utilize the sessions to diligently work on homework; however, if they finish their homework earlier than expected, there will be handouts, learning games and activities, and additional math and writing practice available, so yes, students can still attend and further their knowledge.

Q: Are there any special deals for attending multiple sessions?

A: Yes! Save up to $100 when you purchase a package deal featuring all the available sessions. Maximize your learning and study skills by attending all of our sessions!